Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gals, gals, gals!

So it seems like for the last few months I dropped off the face of the planet. I lost a bit of my inspiration, and took an unannounced hiatus. I apologize for being M.I.A, but I've returned with a lot of fun stuff to obsess over. When I came back, which was yesterday after a fabulous day thrift shopping with my mother, I got rid of all my previous posts and decided to start fresh and turn over a clean slate! So, to start with, here's my new look.
I'm not exactly sure what to call myself now. I've recently been obsessed with the lolita and pastel girls I see all over tumblr! However, hime is a style I hope to cling to. I've just been trying to find the perfect balance between all of them. Nothing in the gal handbook says you have to be one style only. Why not be all three?!

In this picture I'm wearing a light pastel pink dress from Anabelle. I found this at the local thrift shop named Namebrand. They have a lot of inexpensive vintage clothing. This dress makes me feel like a vintage housewife. >///< I feel like it's very sophisticated and mature while still maintaining childlike innocence. I feel like I want to go to a tea party! My shoes are from ebay. They are velcro Mary Janes from Japan. They are a very light pink, but the seller also sold in reds, blues, and browns. The insides are floral and they stained my bobbi socks. Which is why I wasn't wearing them in the picture. (They were in the washer x3) Cuteness wise, I give them a 1000/10, and comfort wise, about an 8/10. I was also wearing a back pack in this picture, but silly me, I forgot to photograph it. It's a Rilakkuma pack  I bought off ebay as well. Too cute cute cute!

Now we'll get to the haul. So as of yesterday, I learned that my mom is one serious fashionista when it comes to shopping. She helped me find so many cute things!
I'll start with this top.

This a really cute button up shirt from Neblina. At first, I wasn't too crazy about the color. Orange isn't something I'd typically wear, but my mom insisted that I try it on. And once I did, I was in love. This shirt has puffy sleeves, and this beautiful lace trim around the collar. I think that's what originally sold me. Also, it's a very light material which is always nice being that it's 110 degrees down here! The accessories are store made I believe. Both were extremely cheap. These hair barrettes are so beautiful and will go with almost anything I have!

Next I have this black and pink polka dotted tank top with ruffled trims on both the collar and the back from Candies. It's kind of like a razor bra, but it's very loose fitting and comfortable. It's like a silk material, and I feel like it's very baby dollish, especially with the ruffles around the neckline. The shorts are from Iris Basic. I was actually very surprised to find these. They're almost identical to the lace shorts you can find in Korea or Japan. I have to say, I wasn't very thrilled that they were black, just because I try to stray as far away from this color as possible, but I've actually grown to adore them. They can go with almost anything in my closet just for the simple fact there they're black and black matches everything!

These two beautiful items actually match in patterns but are different brands. The shirt is from H&M and is a brand call Divided, and the skirt is Moonlight. When I saw this skirt, I was worried about finding something to match it. Since I'm not too keen on the color black, I was a bit sad that I'd have to try and find a pink that was virtually identical to that on the skirt, which I thought was gonna be so hard to do >< and I was panicking cause I wasn't giving the skirt up. x3 But then my mom found this shirt, same heart polka dot print, and they go so well together. The sleeves on this shirt are puffy and this skirt makes me feel so princessy.

These two tops I fell in love with because of the lace. The one on the right is from Stitch X Stitch, and the one of the left is from Royal Love. Both of them are very loose fitting summer tops. The right one has this beautiful floral pattern with purples and pinks and I think it looks best with an off white pencil skirt or some shorts. It has this beautiful A line trim and back buttons for decoration. >//< it's just so cute. The one on the right is also A Line with lace stitching across the torso. I think it's more a beach top, but I could probably make it work with an sweater and a skirt!

Now here are the more Hime style tops. I actually bought the one on the right from Platos closet on Thursday. It looks like a shawl but it actually has arm holes. Either way it's really cute. The brand is Blue. It's an off white color and the lace is actually velvet. This goes well over dresses, especially the vintage one! The other one is from Love on a Hanger, and it's a very thin lacey material. The sleeves are so cute tho. They are kind of ruffled like the bottom trim.

This skirt is so precious, don't you think? I can't actually read the label. >///< it's in Chinese. Lol. But it says T.G.Y underneath. I bought this from Ebay. I think it's very christmasy looking. But it came with lace shorts underneath and has a lace trim around the bottom of the skirt. The pockets are little bows! And it was one really cute bow at the top. This is probably my favorite skirt so far that I have just because it's comfortable and I just feel so Gal when I wear it. The shirt is from Ella J. It's more of an outerwear piece. But I suppose it could be worn as a belly shirt. It has these huge buttons on the top, and goes perfectly with this skirt. I can't wait to wear this!

This dress is from Ageha@Shibuya! I ordered it off Yesstyle. I wasn't sure about the gray at first, but I've really come do adore it! It has lace trimming around the sleeves, which are puffy and so cute >< and down the middle and around the hem. It's an A line dress, and it's kind of short. It makes bending over a pain if I don't wear shorts or leggings underneath it. It looks really cute with a jean jacket or vest and is good for summer days. It also has two straps that I can use to wear it off the shoulder if I please.

And last but not least! My first ever Seifuku! and my Rilakkuma bag! This Seifuku is from Ebay. I had it specially made to my sizes and it was shipped so fast. The minute I had it in my hands I was like the happiest girl alive. It really is absolutely amazing and adorable and I'm so exited to have it. I've been keeping it safe and hidden away in my closet. I only brought it out to show all of you!

And there you have it, my new stuff. I hope you enjoyed this post and my updates. I will try to stay more active from now on now that I have all of my inspiration back. Hopefully all of you can watch me grow. Thank you for reading!
~Princess Miso.